Diversified energy resource

Expansion and development in Africa

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Genesis came into being as Petroleum Projects International (PPI) – which is now our oil and gas subsidiary. With over 20 years experience as an oil and gas supply and trading company, we’re proud to have brought power to countless communities.

PPI is a member of an energy group of companies with substantial business footprints in the Oil, Gas & Power sectors of Africa. PPI commenced business in late 2001 as a full-service Oil Trading company focused on activities in the areas of Refining, Marketing & Trading, Distribution, Shipping & Logistics utilizing a well-balanced risk management strategy across its trading operations in the West African petroleum sector.

Following a recent re-organization, PPI has evolved from an indigenous oil trading company into a diversified Energy Resource Group with its principal activities focusing on the acquisition and development of a diversified portfolio of energy-related assets whilst continuing to expand and develop its downstream petroleum activities in sub-Saharan Africa.